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Safe and Effective Products

Safe & Effective Products

We only use natural products that are safe for kids and pets. An organic lawn becomes resistant to lawn disease and insect damage and out competes invasive weeds like crabgrass and dandelions.

Our Focus

Sustainable Focus

Organic lawns require less mowing and watering. We never use toxic chemicals that can leach into groundwater. Treatments are not harmful to the environment or wildlife.

The Client Experience

The Client Experience

Whether you're looking for someone to take over the fertilizing program or you want to do it yourself, we can help create a custom plan for your lawn.

Make the Switch.

Pure Lawns is an organic lawn care management company specializing in transitioning your lawn off traditional chemicals and building great turf through soil health. Over time our organic lawns can be less expensive to maintain than synthetic programs as we feed the soil and not the plant. It is time to make the switch from dangerous pesticides and synthetic fertilizer programs that turn your lawn into a chemically dependent "junkie". We can help you create a lush green lawn that your family can enjoy without worrying about any toxic chemicals that can harm your kids and pets. If you are looking for a safe and natural way to have a lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood you came to the right place.

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Organic Land Care

Many companies can claim to be organic, but there is no way to know what standards they comply to. Pure Lawns products and services meet the strict guidelines that are put together by NOFA. We specialize only in organic practices and do not offer a Hybrid, or synthetic program.

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"We will only use Organic lawn care going forward because we lost a pet from a chemically fertilized product. Thank-you for offering this product to us, we now feel safe when our children and dog are playing in our yard!"
- Sharon of Newburyport, MA

"Pure Lawns transitioned my lawn off chemicals 2 seasons ago. Although the lawn struggled through the first season, last summer we had a beautiful lawn all year and it needed much less maintenance."
- Henry of Newton, MA
"My landscaping company trusts Pure Lawns to manage our lawns organically. Our Customers have been pleased with the results and sleep well knowing their lawns are safe and chemical free. Their rates are competitive and the work is top quality."
- Kathy of Stow, MA
"As first time parents we were concerned about our child's safety. We decided to go with Pure Lawns organic lawn care to put our mind at ease. Our lawn looks fantastic and we don't have to worry about our daughter playing on the lawn"
- Kathryn of Wakefield, MA

Tips & Techniques

Soil Testing

We never guess, we always test. Conventional programs tell us to apply fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides in “steps” without even knowing if there is a reason. The soil tells us exactly what we need to sustain a healthy lawn. By taking samples of the soil and sending them to be analyzed we can accurately see the condition of the soil and amend as necessary. The test can tell us if the soil is too acid, or if there is not enough of a certain nutrient. Learn More

Compost Top Dress

Gardeners call compost “black gold” because it is one of the most valuable components in the make up of soil. A soil that is rich in organic matter acts like a sponge and will hold water and nutrients so it’s available for the root system of the plants. Compost will also replace or add to the micro biology that is in the soil, which is key to soil health. By applying ¼ inch of compost over the lawn (top dressing) we not only helping the soil texture, but we are adding beneficial organisms to the soil. Learn More


Mowing is the most misunderstood part of lawn care, and the most often incorrectly performed part of lawn care. Always start with a sharp blade. Dull blades will rip the grass and leave the wounded grass susceptible to disease. Set the mower high, by cutting the grass high, you will be promoting a deeper root system. Also, taller grass will shade the soil and not allow weed seeds to germinate. Learn More

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